Ride Alert

Share upcoming rides and join up with Strava cyclists in your city.


Ride With Local Cyclists


Ride Alert is the app to connect you with the local cycling scene. Login with your Strava account to sync your profile and begin riding with other cyclists.

Post Your Ride

Let other cyclists in your city know about your upcoming ride. Enter details like start date, time, location, and distance.

Join Up

See a ride you like? Let everyone know by indicating if you are in, out or undecided.


Tired of using group text to set the ride details? Each ride provides real time chat.


Receive push notifications for public and secret rides, join ups and new chat messages.

Secret Rides

Want to invite your buddies on a private ride? Create and send "invitation only" rides that are hidden from public view.

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    Get the app for iOS or Android here

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    Connect with Strava

    All you need to get started is a Strava account. Need one? Sign up at strava.com

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    You're all set! Never miss another ride in your city.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Ride Alert is free and does not utilize ads.

Do I need to register?

Nope! All you need to start using Ride Alert is your Strava account. We hate passwords, too 😎

Where are all of my rides?

You can view all of your posted (public, private, and link) and joined rides from the Profile screen via the menu icon.

Why does my profile show my initials instead of my Strava photo?

Your Strava photo is most likely out of sync. See below to update your photo.

I changed some of my Strava profile details. How do I sync the changes back to Ride Alert?

Your Strava profile data is maintained at strava.com. If you make changes to your photo, name, city, or state, go to Profile in Ride Alert and tap the refresh icon on your photo to synchronize.

How do I to copy a ride from an existing one?

From the Ride Details, tap the [...] button in the navbar, then Copy. The new ride is set one week out and ready to edit. If you copied a private ride, your invitation list is copied too.

How do I cancel or delete a ride I created?

From the main ride feed (or your Profile), swipe left on the ride and tap Cancel or Delete Ride. Canceling a ride marks it as canceled and will notify anyone who had previously joined up. Deleting a ride removes it completely.

How do I block a user?

Blocking a user prevents them from accessing the activities you organize or join. From the nav bar menu, go to Settings | Account | Blocked Accounts. Users you add in Blocked Accounts will not be able to:

  • view or search for your upcoming or past organized activities
  • see which activities you have joined
  • add you as a favorite
  • chat on or join public activities you organize, including those that may have been accessed with a shared link
  • receive push notifications triggered by your actions, such as creating, changing, canceling or deleting your activities, joining another user’s activities or chatting on an activity
  • invite you to their private activities (they receive a message indicating you have blocked them).

What kind of personal data does the app collect?

We strive to make Ride Alert noninvasive and hassle free, only storing the information provided to us in your profile after you Connect with Strava. If you choose to enable location services, your device location is stored each time you open or restore the app. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

I get too many push notifications. How can I reduce or disable them?

You can privately mute individual users by accessing the app Settings screen or tapping the Mute button in their Profile. To completely disable all notifications, follow the instructions for your iOS or Android device.

How do I paste a route link from another cycling app into the ride notes?

RideWithGPS Tap Routes at bottom, tap the More ... button next to the route, Share, Copy

Strava Tap Profile at bottom, scroll to bottom, tap Routes, tap Share button on route map, Copy

Garmin Connect Tap More ... button at bottom, Courses, select course, tap blue options button on map, Share, Copy

How do I logout and login as a different user on Android?

For Android devices you must logout of Strava using your primary browser (usually Chrome).


Available for both iOS and Android platforms.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android 5 (Lollipop) and above.